Statice is a supplier of micro-technical services in biomaterials and designs and produces innovative made-to-measure instruments in the field of implants, medical instruments, and laboratory equipment. Most common products are silicone parts and devices, bioresorbables and coatings by electrospinning.

NTTF Coatings

NTTF Coatings is a reputable partner renowned for their expertise in refining, optimizing, and functionalizing surfaces. As a dedicated service company, they specialize in coatings using plasma processes and the polymer Parylene. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional results, NTTF Coatings performs series coatings for clients in diverse industries, including medical technology and automotive …

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Emerald Extrusion

Emerald Extrusion Services is a leading US-based company that specializes in thermoplastic extrusions, with expertise in both single and multi-lumen extrusions. With a strong focus on precision and quality, Emerald Extrusion Services is recognized for its ability to produce some of the smallest, most intricate, and tightly toleranced medical parts in the industry. With their …

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Elektrisola is a world leader in the manufacturing of fine and ultra-fine bare and enameled (insulated) wire, being able to provide you with wire sizes up to 58 AWG (~10 micrometers or 1/5 of a hair size). In addition to standard copper wire Elektrisola also offers various metals with very different characteristics such as conductivity, …

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Elektrisola Medical Technologies, an Elektrisola Group Company, is a manufacturer of Thermo-set tubing, in the range of inner diameters from 0,08 to 2,54mm (0.0031” to 0.100”) and wall thicknesses ranging from 12µm to 200µm. The tubing can be plain Polyimide in a variety of colors or composite tubings with for example PTFE liner, braiding or …

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Emerald Medical Services offers contract manufacturing of braided and/or coiled catheter shafts, single and multi-duromenter, single and multi-lumen, also with non-metallic braiding/coiling for MRI applications, ranging from small French sizes for neuro-applications through large French sizes for AAA or TAA applications. Additionally, Emerald offers manufacturing of a large range of balloon catheters.