Welcome to Albatroz Consulting

Albatroz Consulting are European Technical Representatives for the Medical Device Industry. Together with our development and manufacturing Partners our goal is to support our European customers in the design, development and manufacturing of their products.

Albatroz Consulting was founded in 2011. Our team has more than 20 years experience in the manufacturing of medical devices. One of our key expertise is in the design, development and manufacture of high-end catheter systems, thermoplastic tubings and composite thermo-set tubings, ultra-fine wires, thermo-couple wires, laser ablation, coatings and contract manufacturing.

For more information please „browse“ through our Website and don‘t hesitate to contact us for general product information, samples and/or quotes.

About Us

Albatroz Consulting is a European „Rep Company“ representing international medical device manufacturing companies in Europe.

Our Partners

Our Partners are experts in the design and manufacturing in a diversity of areas such as high-end catheter-sytems, thermo-plastic extrusions, thermo-set catheters, ultra-fine film-insulated wire products – thermo-couples and laser-ablated wires, coatings and also contract manufacturing.