About Us

We at Albatroz Consulting like to take a “birds-eye-view perspective” of our customer’s needs and cooperate with them to find options and alternatives to achieve their goals in an optimal manner, finally implementing the perfect solution for the project at hand.
Utilizing the expertise of our Team and our Partners we focus in cooperating with you starting from an early conceptional phase, supporting you throughout the development phase and finally taking advantage of our extensive manufacturing capabilities to produce the components or systems developed.

The objective of Albatroz Consulting is to establish a strong and cooperative relationship with our customers to help them achieve the best and optimal solutions for their end products.

Our Team has more than 20 years experience in the Medical Devices Industry and we invite you to contact us and also to have a closer look at what our Partners can offer to achieve your goals.



Management Team

Dr. Gert Hartoch

CEO and Founder

Dr. Gert Hartoch,

CEO and founder of Albatroz Consulting in 2011, is a visionary leader and the driving force behind Albatroz Consulting. With over two decades of invaluable experience in the medical device industry, Gert is committed to partnering with customers from initial concept to final product.
Before moving into the Medical Field, Gert served in key technical management positions in the USA and Europe at renowned companies like AT&T/Bell Laboratories, Lucent, NEC, and SITA/Equant.
Dr. Hartoch’s academic journey includes a Diplom Ingenieur degree in Telecommunications from TH Darmstadt, Germany, followed by a Master of Science and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
Having grown up in Brazil and also spent 16 years in the USA, Gert is fluent in English, German and Portuguese, with good communication skills in Spanish and Italian. This diverse background allows him to connect with customers on a global scale and cater to their unique needs with authenticity and understanding.

Stephan Buttler

Sales Director and Partner

Stephan Buttler,

having joined Albatroz Consulting in 2020, is Sales Director and Partner at Albatroz Consulting. Stephan brings extensive experience and international exposure to the company. His expertise in supplier acquisition, market analysis, team leadership, and negotiation contributes greatly to Albatroz Consulting's success.
Before joining Albatroz Consulting and moving into the Medical Field, Stephan honed his skills working in management positions at renowned companies in the automotive field, as sales director, with strong international responsibilities and exposure.
Stephan Buttler’s academic journey includes degrees in Business Informatics, Computer Science, Business Administration, Mathematics and Physics, at the University of Alabama / Huntsville, USA, and the universities of Passau and Bonn/Cologne, Germany.
Having spent many years in the USA, Stephan is fluent in both German and English, which contributes to his effective communication skills.
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