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IWG MinVasive Components offers micro-diameter film insulated wire products, thermo-element wires or complete Thermo-Couples, all wire products being optionally laser-stripped, shipped on a spool or cut to length. Additionally, IWG MinVasive offers “thermo-set” tubing products, Polyimide and variations thereof, PTFE, Pebax and PUR, with or without braiding or coiling, non-metallic braiding for MRI applications, and much more.

MinVasive Components

A Unit of IWG High Performance Conductors based in Inman South Carolina, USA

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Microspec Corporation

Advanced Medical Extrusions based in Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA

Microspec has a global reputation for extruding some of the smallest, most complex and tightly toleranced medical parts in the industry, including bump, co-/tri-/micro-extrusions, multi-lumen, intermittent, and profiles using most thermoplastic and engineering resins.

Emerald Medical Services

Cost effective manufacturing of high-end catheters based in Singapore

Emerald Medical Services offers contract manufacturing of braided and/or coiled catheter shafts, single and multi-duromenter, single and multi-lumen, also with non-metallic braiding/coiling for MRI applications, ranging from small French sizes for neuro-applications through large French sizes for AAA or TAA applications. Additionally, Emerald offers manufacturing of a large range of balloon catheters.


Thüringisches Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung e.V. (TITK)

Material research is the basis of every product development. The expertise of TITK lies in polymer materials in different combinations and as composites. Our scientifi prof

essionals develop new materials, modify charcteristics and functionalize polymer materials, adapted to the specific requirements in different applications. Make use of the research skills for your progress and take part in the scientific expertise of our staff and the modern technical infrastructure.

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TiXX Coatings offers a wide range of Parylene Coatings, including Parylene-F for UV-resistant and high-temperature applications. Parylene provides an excellent protection against corrosion, moisture and protects sensitive components against any acids and chemicals, and is also an excellent electrical insulator. Parylene also has a lubricity factor similar to PTFE and can be applied in thin coatings of a few µm to several 10s of a µm.

TiXX Conformal Coatings

Experts in Parylene Coatings based in Rheinbreitbach, Germany